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Basketball in Baltimore: The 2011 Lockout Game at Morgan State

Last night, the Wizards and the Knicks played the first NBA game — albeit a scrimmage — in Baltimore since 1999.

The match-up at the 1st Mariner Arena, the dump that Baltimore is obliged to call their own, featured no real big names besides that of the city’s own Carmelo Anthony as Tyson Chandler only saw six minutes of action; Amar’e Stoudemire, J.R. Smith and Metta World Peace were all DNP’s; and, of course, after John Wall, the Wizards are only the Wizards.

While I did not attend this preseason Carmelo-lovefest (something about an NBA game at 1st Mariner Arena just didn’t tickle my fancy), I was in attendance at 2011 when the best NBA match-up the city has seen since the Bullets left in 1973.

Remember, in the fall of 2011, the NBA was stuck in a lockout. But, of course, the players still wanted to play. The game’s bests were showing their talents at street ball courts like Rucker Park while others were playing in the Goodman and Melo Leagues.

On August 30th, two squads composed of NBA talent like LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, Eric Bledsoe, Gary Neal, Jeff Green, Juan Dixon, Austin Daye and others planned a game between the Goodman and Melo Leagues in the basketball-loving and basketball deprived city of Baltimore.

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Video: Ray Rice Falls off Parade Float

Everyone in Baltimore was excited for Tuesday’s celebration parade as the Super Bowl XXLVII champion Ravens returned home to Charm City. That excitement did not exclude running back Ray Rice, either, as he got a little overzealous while on one of the team’s float.

Don’t worry, Rice is okay.

Basically, he forgot to hold on.

Imagine that …

Rice Fumble

Ravens Website Posts New Video for AFC Title Game

Last week, in preparation for the Divisional game against Houston, the Baltimore Ravens’ official website welcomed visitors with a video with a homecoming theme:

This week, as the Ravens head to New England to face the Patriots for the chance to play in the Super Bowl in Indianapolis, the web page has a new video with an entirely different message.

The video begins by showing a few comments from the national media about the Ravens not being able to compete with Tom Brady and the Patriots. Meanwhile, clips are shown of the Ravens dominating Brady and the Pats during the 2009 playoffs. The video ends with Ray Lewis reminding his teammates and the fans that, “there’s no tomorrow.”


Ravens Prepare Video for Playoff Run

The two seed and near-complete homefield advantage means everything for the Baltimore Ravens who were an unwavering 8-0 at The Bank this season. With the first home playoff game in Baltimore since 2006, the Ravens want all their fans to know that they are coming home.

Set to Diddy Dirty Money’s Coming Home, the Ravens created a video to get fans fired-up for Sunday against the Texans.

Watch the video here at baltimoreravens.com

Alexander Ovechkin Taking Batting Practice at Camden Yards [Video]

With the Capitals playing an exhibition game next weekend at Baltimore’s 1st Mariner Arena, hockey-superstar and former MVP Alexander Ovechkin will throw out the first pitch a tonight’s 7:05 game between the Baltimore Orioles and Los Angeles Angels.

But first things first for Ovie.
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