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Video: Ray Rice Falls off Parade Float

Everyone in Baltimore was excited for Tuesday’s celebration parade as the Super Bowl XXLVII champion Ravens returned home to Charm City. That excitement did not exclude running back Ray Rice, either, as he got a little overzealous while on one of the team’s float.

Don’t worry, Rice is okay.

Basically, he forgot to hold on.

Imagine that …

Rice Fumble


Ray Rice’s Gift to Fullback and Offensive Line

After finishing second in the league in yards from scrimmage, he certainly owes a large debt to his blocking. Ravens’ running back Ray Rice, after gaining 2,068 yards in 2011, presented fullback Vonta Leach and his offensive line a shiny belated Christmas present this Monday as his team began preparation for the Houston Texans.

“Nice gift for me and offensive lineman from @RayRice27 #dirtywork payoff @MichaelOher @BryantMcKinnie,” tweeted Leach this afternoon.

Along with the tweet was a picture of his new watch, a $4,000 Breitling Super Avenger:

Ravens Linebacker Ayanbadejo: Players Have Mentioned Lack of Carries for Rice; No Difference in Practices for Good or Bad Teams

A five hour flight is a lifetime for a supposedly-superior NFL team that is only hours removed from another embarrassing loss to a bottom-of-the-line team.

Many players for the Baltimore Ravens on the nightmare flight probably spent their time catching-up on some sleep or were unable to sleep, thinking about the “what if’s” from their 22-17 loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

However, linebacker and Pro-Bowl special teams player Brendon Ayanbadejo passed the time acting as a mediator between the Ravens and their disgruntled fans, participating in a self-created “Twitter press conference” as one follower called it.

The time-passer for him ended-up being a peek inside the enigmatic Ravens and their locker room.
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Ravens’ Week One Dominance Earns SI Cover

Raven Strong for week one

The Ravens didn’t just beat the Steelers, didn’t just demolish them, didn’t just man-handle them, but utterly and thoroughly destroyed every aspect of their team, sending a league-wide message that Baltimore can dominate.

The league took notice, as did Sports Illustrated.

Already a week into the season, the Ravens are on the cover of SI with the caption “Raven Strong.”

Baltimore picked up 385 yards on Sunday, forcing the Steelers to turn the ball over 7 times. Quarterback Joe Flacco had three passing touchdowns and safety Ed Reed intercepted Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger twice in the 35-7 victory.