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Smoking Ban at Orioles and Ravens Game Will Be Tough for Those Addicted

“I can’t go all that time without a smoke,” he said almost-desperately as I relayed to him the information. Starting in March at all events held in Oriole Park at Camden Yards and M&T Bank Stadium, smoking is prohibited. No more designated smoking areas, banned completely inside the stadiums as well as 25 feet from the entrances outside the stadium. He is my uncle, in his mid-fifties, an Oriole fan for decades, a smoker for probably longer, and a common visitor to both Memorial Stadium and Camden Yards. “I won’t go,” he added.

“Earl Weaver smoked in the dugout!” he pleaded.

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Orioles Selling Video Chronicling Magical 2012 Season

Today, the Baltimore Orioles sent out an e-mail informing fans of “The BUCKle Up Birds: An Underdog Story,” a DVD produced by the team to chronicle the 2012 season that saw the Birds make the playoffs for the first time since 1997.
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Your Ten Days ‘Til Opening Day Weather Forecast

It’s Wednesday the 28th, making Orioles’ Opening Day only ten days away; which, of course, means we have our first glimpse of the hallowed day’s forecast:

High: 64°
Low: 53°
Chance of Precipitation: 10%
Wind: WNW @ 9 mph

Opening Day Fun Fact:
Since becoming the Baltimore Orioles in 1954, the Orioles are 38-20 on Opening Days.

Orioles Fanfest: Or is it Fnafest?

This is Baltimore. A little snow will not stop Oriole fans from driving slowly and with their heads up their asses to the Baltimore Convention Center for 2012 Orioles Fanfest. Eighty degree spring weather is a different story, though.

Orioles Fanfest is a day of celebrating the players — new acquisitions, veteran stars, and retired fan favorites — as well as the organization, raising optimism for the upcoming season.

Jim Palmer is one of the fixtures of Orioles Fanfest for decades as both a player and a broadcaster, collecting 268 wins, 211 complete games, 2,212 strikeouts, three Cy Young Awards, and three World Series rings.




It’s easy to type his name. Right, Orioles? Especially after nearly 50 years, right?

From tweeter @TuckerBlair89

Ohh…. Ouch.



Adam Jones Has Some Hops [video]

Orioles centerfielder Adam Jones always tries to make the best of his time during the offseason. Whether it is touring Europe or interacting with fans on Twitter, the personable Jones keeps himself busy. This offseason has been a little tumultuous for Jones, hearing rumors of trades to the Atlanta Braves, making him unsure of his baseball future.

With all those talks settling down, Jones hit the basketball courts to relax. There’s no denying the 6’3″ Jones as an athlete; after all, he is a Gold Glover. But let the record show that Adam Jones can throw down: HERE. 

It looks regulation to me.

Maybe the O’s would have more success playing basketball.

Orioles – Bad Luck with Prospects or Poor Development?

Since 1998, the Baltimore Orioles have been floundering in the depths of irrelevancy with a 987-1180 record with six games still left to be played in 2011.

Many things have lead to the downfall of this once storied franchise. You can blame it on Peter Angelos, young Jeffrey Maier, or every failed free agent signing in the last 14 years.

We all know the pitching has sucked in oh so many seasons, the hitters have struck out way to much and grounded into way too many double plays, and the defense has been, well, let’s not talk about it.

However, the failures of top prospects have been a constant for the Orioles. It’s an anomoly. How can a team with consistently high draft picks continue to push high-plus side talent up to the major league level only for them to stink it up?

Let’s look at this year-by-year:
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Facts About the Win Streak

With the 2-0 win over the Yankees today in the day part of the doubleheader, the Orioles registered their sixth win in a row.

Winning and the Orioles don’t exactly get along. Because of that, this win streak has brought some interesting facts to the surface.

  • This six game win streak is the first time the Orioles have won six games in a row since April 2nd – April 8th of 2008.
  • The winning pitchers from the last six game streak were Jamie Walker, Steve Trachsel, Matt Albers Dennis Sarfate (x2), and Brian Burres.
  • There was 603 games in between the end of the 2008 streak until the beginning of the 2011 streak.
  • During the 2011 six game streak, the O’s have outscored opponents 38-9.
  • They have only allowed more than one run in one out of the six games.
  • The starting pitcher has registered the win in each game.

With a win in tonight’s game …

  • It would be the team’s longest win streak since April 22nd – May 1st of 2005.
  • It would be Buck Showalter’s longest win streak since May 20th – May 31st of 2005 when he won 9 in a row win the Texas Rangers.
  • It would be the first time since July 28th of 2006 that the O’s swept both games of a doubleheader.