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Basketball in Baltimore: The 2011 Lockout Game at Morgan State

Last night, the Wizards and the Knicks played the first NBA game — albeit a scrimmage — in Baltimore since 1999.

The match-up at the 1st Mariner Arena, the dump that Baltimore is obliged to call their own, featured no real big names besides that of the city’s own Carmelo Anthony as Tyson Chandler only saw six minutes of action; Amar’e Stoudemire, J.R. Smith and Metta World Peace were all DNP’s; and, of course, after John Wall, the Wizards are only the Wizards.

While I did not attend this preseason Carmelo-lovefest (something about an NBA game at 1st Mariner Arena just didn’t tickle my fancy), I was in attendance at 2011 when the best NBA match-up the city has seen since the Bullets left in 1973.

Remember, in the fall of 2011, the NBA was stuck in a lockout. But, of course, the players still wanted to play. The game’s bests were showing their talents at street ball courts like Rucker Park while others were playing in the Goodman and Melo Leagues.

On August 30th, two squads composed of NBA talent like LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, Eric Bledsoe, Gary Neal, Jeff Green, Juan Dixon, Austin Daye and others planned a game between the Goodman and Melo Leagues in the basketball-loving and basketball deprived city of Baltimore.

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Taylor Scores 138; Grinnell and Faith Baptist Exemplify Terrible Basketball

ESPN’s SportsCenter opened this morning with Division Three basketball highlights as Grinnell College’s (Iowa) Jack Taylor score 138 points, propelling the team to a 179-104 victory over Faith Baptist Bible. The 138-point performance demolished the record set by Clarence “Bevo” Francis in 1954 of 113 points.

Many this morning find themselves stunned by Taylor’s performance. The Worldwide Leader in Sports continues to run segment after segment featuring the highlights and explaining how 138 points in 36 minutes is an exhausting athletic feat.

However, what ESPN and many others fail to realize is that Taylor’s record-breaking showing is the result of poor basketball, not of an outrageously talented collegiate guard.

The box score shows nothing more than a track meet, certainly not a basketball game.
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Aquille Carr Transferring from Patterson [Update]

The five-foot-seven guard known as the Crime Stopper in Baltimore is transferring from Patterson High School and will be leaving the city.

Carr, an 18-year old junior already committed to Seton Hall, had been speculated to be transferring for his senior season, but said he was not sure of his plans. “I don’t know yet – I’m still talking with my family about that,” he told the Baltimore Sun on Thursday.

On Sunday night, Carr tweeted, “Last day in b more love yall in i thank yall for makin me the person i am i will never forget were i came from #410[.]”

Many asked where Carr was going, but he has yet to respond.

[Update]: According to the Baltimore Sun’s Varsity Letters, Carr transferred to St. Patrick in New Jersey. They also stated that Carr plans to return to Patterson next season. His planned return is interesting considering his tweet (shown above) as well as the overall transfer.

Nike Introduces New Team USA Basketball Jersey

Possibly the most under-appreciated sporting events — the Summer Olympic Games — is right around the corner. As Americans, we always enjoy beating the snot out of other countries. Whether it be man-handling Kazakhstan in the modern pentathlon, or just not being caught cheating like those damned Chinese, the citizens of the great U.S. of A love it. ‘MURICA!

Undoubtedly, the most exciting part of the Olympic Games for Americans is men’s basketball. With Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Kevin Durant on our side, why shouldn’t it be?

And with Nike on our side for 2012, we’re going to beat every competitor in looking good on the court, too:

Nike brags that the uniforms are the lightest they have ever created.

Kim Kardashian Looking to “Get to Know” Jeremy Lin

Probably should have seen this one coming.

First she went after America’s Boy Tim Tebow. She was rejected.

Now she’s going for America’s NBA-Player-For-A-Week-Or-Two, Jeremy Lin.

Kim Kardashian, America’s Big-Booty’d-Fame-Whore, is reportedly about to be “set-up” on a date with Knicks superstar point guard Jeremy Lin.

A “source” told MediaTO that Kardashian “thinks [Lin] is cute.” It also helps that she is friends with Melo’s wife Lala. “It’s going to be a double date,” said the source.

The whole story seems to be shady, a product of Linsanity. A source close to Kardashian told the Huffington Post, “this is not true and there’s never been any conversations about this.”

But didn’t they also say that her marriage to Kris Humphries was legit?

Adam Jones Has Some Hops [video]

Orioles centerfielder Adam Jones always tries to make the best of his time during the offseason. Whether it is touring Europe or interacting with fans on Twitter, the personable Jones keeps himself busy. This offseason has been a little tumultuous for Jones, hearing rumors of trades to the Atlanta Braves, making him unsure of his baseball future.

With all those talks settling down, Jones hit the basketball courts to relax. There’s no denying the 6’3″ Jones as an athlete; after all, he is a Gold Glover. But let the record show that Adam Jones can throw down: HERE. 

It looks regulation to me.

Maybe the O’s would have more success playing basketball.