Tim Anderson's Memorabilia Collection

Jones HR 2 (2010)

Jones HR 1 (20110)

From my 2010 ball hawk season in review blog post:

After under-rowing the last homerun hit my way. I told my friend, who was sitting with me, that my first move on the next one will be up the steps then back down. When Adam Jones struck one in the 8th, I immediately ran up the steps, evaluated the flight of the ball, the quickly ran back down. Thankfully, the ball was going to land right in the stairs and it was hit high in the air, giving me time to recover. I reached over the mob of five people and caught the ball thanks to my height and the height of the step I was on compared to everyone else. My second homerun of the season was another clean catch, this time of a ball hit by an Oriole. One of the six people I caught theā€¦

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