A&E’s Storage Wars: Another Staged Reality Show

Dave HesterStorage Wars, a show on A&E showing the fast-paced, risky, and often rewarding business of buying storage units, is a favorite of many during a television era defined by similar reality shows.

Today, news broke that Dave Hester,┬ámost likely the most despised cast member of Storage Wars, filed a lawsuit against the producers of the show. The suit claimed that Hester was fired for voicing his complaints of the show’s staging of events which included planting items in lockers for the cast to bid on, as well as fronting money for some members who were financially unable to make a bid.

From The Warp’s story on Yahoo!:

In the lawsuit, Hester contends that the producers of the hit A&E series routinely plant valuable items in the storage lockers seen on the show. Competitors place bids on the lockers without knowing what is inside them, hoping to come across forgotten treasures.

In one case, the lawsuit contends, A&E planted a pile of newspapers reporting Elvis Presley’s death. In another episode, according to the suit, a BMW mini car was found buried under trash.

The news certainly will crush interest in the show which is driven primarily by it’s (assumed) real-life unpredictability, and the ratings will certainly show it.

Another claim in Hester’s suit against Original Productions is that the production company paid for plastic surgery for one female cast member to create “sex appeal:”

The lawsuit pulls no punches, alleging that “nearly every aspect of the series is faked, even down to the plastic surgery that one of the female cast members underwent in order to create more ‘sex appeal’ for the show…” The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, says the surgery was paid for by the show’s production company, Original Productions.

BrandiPresumably, that female cast member is Brandi Passante, the wife of buyer Jarrod Schulz, since she is the most reoccurring cast member as well as a favorite of many of the male viewers.

Thinking that a show such as Storage Wars — a show that seemed almost impossible to stage — was indeed fabricated, it makes one wonder what other reality shows are staged.

Maybe the question really should be, “what reality show is not?”.


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