Aquille Carr Transferring from Patterson [Update]

The five-foot-seven guard known as the Crime Stopper in Baltimore is transferring from Patterson High School and will be leaving the city.

Carr, an 18-year old junior already committed to Seton Hall, had been speculated to be transferring for his senior season, but said he was not sure of his plans. “I don’t know yet – I’m still talking with my family about that,” he told the Baltimore Sun on Thursday.

On Sunday night, Carr tweeted, “Last day in b more love yall in i thank yall for makin me the person i am i will never forget were i came from #410[.]”

Many asked where Carr was going, but he has yet to respond.

[Update]: According to the Baltimore Sun’s Varsity Letters, Carr transferred to St. Patrick in New Jersey. They also stated that Carr plans to return to Patterson next season. His planned return is interesting considering his tweet (shown above) as well as the overall transfer.


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