Jeremy Shockey’s Stunning Reply to Warren Sapp

With the news of the effects of Roger Goodell’s iron fist upon the Saints breaking this afternoon, retired NFL defensive lineman and current analysis for the NFL Network broke some news of his own on the issue.

Via deadspin:

Noted Twitter presence and NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp (@QBKILLA) tweeted earlier that he knows who snitched on the Saints defense’s bounty program.

Just Heard Who The Snitch Was

— Warren Sapp (@QBKILLA) March 21, 2012

Someone replied, “Shockey…?” And QBKILLA replied “BINGO!” Shockey played for the Saints from 2008-2010. They released him before the 2011 season, dumping money that would have come his way. He’s conceivably the snitch.

Of course it was only a matter of time before Jeremy Shockey shot back at Sapp. Predictably, Shockey denied Sapp’s accusations. Shockingly, Shockey went right at Sapp’s jugular.

Shockey retweeted a fan’s comment about Sapp’s past: “That assclown Warren Sapp has been arrested for beating women in domestic issues. His credibility is nothing.”

So, if you’re looking for directions to the High Road, don’t ask Jeremy Shockey.


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