Man Breaks into White Sox GM’s House, Leaves Behind Medical Bracelet

Never returning to the scene of the crime is at the top of a criminal’s list of things not to do. I assume leaving a medical bracelet at the scene with your full name and information is somewhere up there, too.

The genius who broke into Chicago White Sox GM Ken Williams’ house did both of those things.

Wayne L. Field III of Uptown, Illinois broke into Williams’ house this weekend and took this time to relax. Field pounded back a few of Williams’ brewskis, helped himself to some pizza, dressed in some of Williams’ clothes (including his 2005 World Series ring), and surfed the web.

The intruder was in the process of defrosting a lobster he had found in the freezer when Williams rudely interrupted him with his return home. Williams entered the house and found beer cans scattered on the floor and his oven still warm.

Field returned to Williams’ home later that night and was arrested while peeking in the window. He was wearing Williams’ clothes, ring, and identified himself by the same name that was on the medical bracelet left inside the home. 



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