TMZ Takes First Picture of Sandusky Since Scandal; Spotted in Airport

Let’s start from the beginning of the “reprimanding” for disgraced Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky:

After being arrested on forty criminal counts, including six first-degree counts of deviated sexual intercourse, Sandusky, who faces up to 460 years in prison, was released on $100,000 unsecured bail, meaning he would not have to pay the money unless he misses a future hearing.

Judge Leslie Dutchcot is the judge who set the bail at one-hundred grand, only a fifth of what prosecutors had requested.

In what would be surprising in any other instance besides this scandal in which corruption — not only at Penn State but in what seems to be the entire state of Pennsylvania — has no feasible end, reports broke that Judge Dutchcot is a donor to Sandusky’s Second Mile program, the philanthropic project that lured his eventual victims.

A Pennsylvania Criminal Attorney stated that he/she (speaking on the condition of anonymity), “[has] never had a client who was charged with those counts released on unsecured bail.”

And here’s another shocker:

The man who faces 460 years in prison for heinous crimes and was released on unsecured, $100,000 bail was seen eating Dunkin Donuts … in LaGuardia Airport … with a packed suitcase.

What does a man like this have to lose if he flees the state (or even the country)? $100,000? Like that’s going to matter when he’s spending his time in prison.

It appears the only thing stopping this man from taking a long, one-way flight is a guilty conscience since the law certainly isn’t putting its foot down.

And I wouldn’t put much stock into that conscience.

Update (7:03 PM ET):

From TMZ:

A Gerald Sandusky got a boarding pass on a Spirit Airlines flight this afternoon fromLaGuardia to Detroit.  This we know.

Here’s the problem.  This guy is NOT Jerry Sandusky.

Passengers on the flight tell TMZ … they walked up to the man at LaGuardia and he said he couldn’t talk about the Penn State scandal.  We then confirmed a Gerald Sandusky indeed had a boarding pass for the flight.

But when the plane landed in Detroit, we spoke with the man and he said in no uncertain terms … he was not the guy.

As for the Gerald Sandusky who got the boarding pass … we just don’t know.


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