Ravens Linebacker Ayanbadejo: Players Have Mentioned Lack of Carries for Rice; No Difference in Practices for Good or Bad Teams

A five hour flight is a lifetime for a supposedly-superior NFL team that is only hours removed from another embarrassing loss to a bottom-of-the-line team.

Many players for the Baltimore Ravens on the nightmare flight probably spent their time catching-up on some sleep or were unable to sleep, thinking about the “what if’s” from their 22-17 loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

However, linebacker and Pro-Bowl special teams player Brendon Ayanbadejo passed the time acting as a mediator between the Ravens and their disgruntled fans, participating in a self-created “Twitter press conference” as one follower called it.

The time-passer for him ended-up being a peek inside the enigmatic Ravens and their locker room.

Just like at the water cooler today, much was said to Ayanbadejo about the lack of carries for Ray Rice which was a theme in not only Sunday’s late afternoon loss to the Seahawks, but also in the embarrassing Monday night loss to the Jaguars.

“Once you are in a hole, [it’s] hard to stick with [the] run game,” said Ayanbadejo about Rice only seeing five hand-offs the entire game, citing the 10-0 hole that faced the Ravens in the first quarter. But he also agreed that, with an offense, you “absolutely” need balance and agrees that more carries for Rice would help Flacco and the rest of the offense.

When asked if anyone in the locker room, coaches or players, mentioned the lack of carries for Rice, Ayanbadejo simply answered, “Yes.”

Ayanbadejo also deflected blame away from offensive coordinator Cam Cameron who has been criticized for his play calling. “Special teams players laid an egg. [We] win and lose as a team. Cam didn’t fumble, throw a pic, or give up a TD. It’s Cam’s offense. He knows it better [than] [anyone] in the world. How many runs did we do last drive vs. Pitt? Make field goals and no turnovers [and] Cam gets no heat,” said Ayanbadejo in four tweets.

When asked about David Reed, who fumbled two kick returns on Sunday and received a 15-yard penalty on the third, Ayanbedajo said he’s a good player, just young, but he doesn’t expect the 24-year old to return anymore kicks this season.

Many frustrated with the Ravens’ bipolar performances this seasons feel that it’s a flaw in preparation for games against inferior talent.

Does Ayanbadejo feel a difference between practices for games against the Steelers, who the Ravens are 2-0 against this season, as opposed to practices against teams with the talent level of the Seattle Seahawks?



One thought on “Ravens Linebacker Ayanbadejo: Players Have Mentioned Lack of Carries for Rice; No Difference in Practices for Good or Bad Teams”

  1. It all comes down to respecting one’s opponent. Even now you people still don’t give the Seahawks any credit. Just say it. The Seahawks Manhandled the Ravens and won the game. With six minutes left in the game, they ran it down the “famed” Ravens defense throat.

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