Educating Yourself on the Penn State Scandal

Everyone knows that something disgusting and tragic went down at Penn State, but not many know the exact details.

Here is what you need to read in order to be educated on the Penn State Scandal (the orange headings are all clickable links):

1) The graphic Grand Jury Indictment of Jerry Sandusky:
For those of you who have time and care enough to peruse 23 pages of Grand Jury findings on charges against Sandusky, here’s your document. The indictment outlines specific incidents with all eight of Sandusky’s victims. It also explains the roles of head coach Joe Paterno, president Graham Spanier, and graduate assistant Mike McQueary.

2) The abbreviated accounts of all eight victims:
And for those of you who don’t care enough to read the indictment, here is Detroit Free Press’ abbreviated version. But if you choose option two over option one, then you aren’t allowed to complain about Joe Paterno being fired.

3) The article that shows how corrupt Penn State has been:
Look at the date the article was posted: April 3, 2011. That’s at least seven months that Penn State had been covering-up for Sandusky.

4) Why Joe Pa went down:

In other words — If True — I didn’t know anything. Once informed of something, I did the minimum: I kicked it up the chain, looked away and chose never to think of it again.

If Paterno knew something and did nothing, he’s an accessory. If he didn’t know, he should have known. Such are the burdens of omniscience as understood by the cult of the Division I football coach.




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