Tom Hanks’ Rapping Son

Thuggin' in a flannel!

Who would have thought that one of the greatest actors of our time, a man responsible for iconic characters such as Forrest Gump and Captain John H. Miller, is also the father of a wannabe rapper?

That’s right; going by the stage name of Chet Haze, Chester Marlon Hanks, with the help of his last name, is trying to climb to the top of the rap game.

He thinks outside of the box with his raps as shown through his remix of Wiz Khalifa’s hit Black and Yellow, a task that has never before been attempted. Haze, a student at Northwestern University in the heart of the thug-ish city of Evanston, Illinois, turned Black and Yellow into White and Purple:

With a rough past, living as the son of the highest grossing actor of all time, (for every Justin Bieber twitter follower, Tom Hanks’ movies have grossed nearly $300) Chet has shown his rap range from Wiz Khalifa to Ne-Yo.

But mostly Ne-Yo.

A bad, bad Ne-Yo:

Oh, and he can freestyle, too …

Just like any impeccable rapper, Chet Haze has his own haters making diss raps. And, just like every other impeccable rapper, those diss raps are actually better than his own:

And then there’s this, which is also better than a Chet Haze rap:

Let’s just say Chet Haze is more Larry Crowne than Forrest Gump.


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