Manny Ramirez Seeking Reinstatement to MLB

When Manny Ramirez, one of the greatest sluggers of the era, made waves early this spring by quitting on the Tampa Bay Rays, filing for retirement after receiving a 100-game suspension for his second failed drug test, many knew that we would see Manny again soon enough.

Today, only weeks after being arrested in the Dominican Republic for reportedly hitting his wife, the 39-year old Ramirez filed for reinstatement with the MLB, agreeing to serve his 100 game suspension.

As he told ESPNDeportes’ Enrique Rojas:

“I would comply with my pending sanction and I would be available for any major league team. I already informed (agent) Scott Boras of my decision to return and begin the process. If any team wants to sign me, I would play. If no one does, I would look to play in Japan or any other place. I was not prepared for retirement.”

"Ehhh.... why not?"

Ramirez’ decision to file for reinstatement comes from his inability to play winter ball in the Dominican Republic since he is listed on MLB’s inactive list.

Very few teams will be willing to pay Ramirez next season, especially since he will be turning 40. Knowing his past defensive successes, just about all the NL teams are ruled out. It is hard to see teams taking a gamble on an old Manny Ramirez with added baggage who can only play at least 62 games next year because of his suspension.

Manny is a career .312 hitter with 555 career homeruns and 2,574 hits.


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