Facts About the Win Streak

With the 2-0 win over the Yankees today in the day part of the doubleheader, the Orioles registered their sixth win in a row.

Winning and the Orioles don’t exactly get along. Because of that, this win streak has brought some interesting facts to the surface.

  • This six game win streak is the first time the Orioles have won six games in a row since April 2nd – April 8th of 2008.
  • The winning pitchers from the last six game streak were Jamie Walker, Steve Trachsel, Matt Albers Dennis Sarfate (x2), and Brian Burres.
  • There was 603 games in between the end of the 2008 streak until the beginning of the 2011 streak.
  • During the 2011 six game streak, the O’s have outscored opponents 38-9.
  • They have only allowed more than one run in one out of the six games.
  • The starting pitcher has registered the win in each game.

With a win in tonight’s game …

  • It would be the team’s longest win streak since April 22nd – May 1st of 2005.
  • It would be Buck Showalter’s longest win streak since May 20th – May 31st of 2005 when he won 9 in a row win the Texas Rangers.
  • It would be the first time since July 28th of 2006 that the O’s swept both games of a doubleheader.

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