Dear Jeremy,

Dear Jeremy,

The story broke as a “body found on the property of former Oriole Mike Flanagan.”

An article on the Baltimore Sun’s website said that Flanagan could not be reached for comments.

Police were not publicly identifying the body.

The news took a sharp, hairpin turn for the absolute worst.

At the age of 59, former Oriole great, pitcher, executive, broadcaster, and coach Mike Flanagan is dead. His body was found about 250 yards from his house in Monkton, Maryland, in his backyard in a path between his house and a barn.

"I heard it I think somewhere in the third or fourth inning. It is one of those things, our hearts were in another place but … we tried to stay focused on the game. But certainly those who heard during the game, part of their thoughts were taken away from what we were doing out there on the field. … Once you are on the mound, you realize the task at hand and you try to focus on that. I wouldn’t say it was so much a distraction from pitch to pitch as much as kind of a heaviness inside during the game.”

The Orioles were in Minnesota battling the Twins, the news reaching them around the 3rd or 4th inning. The O’s won the game, their third in a row. The team scored six runs and held the Twins scoreless from the time they heard the news.

You were on the mound for Baltimore, wearing Flanagan’s old number 46. You set the tone, shutting down the Twins 1-2-3 in the fourth, fifth, and sixth innings. Your composure in a time of heartbreak for the club and the city set a tone for the game, keeping the heads of your teammates up.

After the game, with the tears of Jim Palmer, Rick Dempsey, and all Baltimoreans trickling down their respective cheeks, you begged the question of what you should do with your jersey number 46 that Flanny wore for 15 years with the club.

The answer is simple.

Remember who was one of those in the Orioles organization that saw promise in you, the former first round pick who Cleveland thought was a bust. Flanny gave you permission to wear his number 46 for a reason. He believed in your talents as a pitcher.

Flanny loved his job as the general manager of the team, so much so that when he was relieved of his duties, he was absolutely devastated. It changed his life forever. He expected and hoped that all his signings and gambles panned out. He loved his Orioles. He loved seeing them win.

Behind your pitching, that pitching that Flanny believed in, you won the game for the club on Wednesday night.

You earned the number 46. Flanny gave it to you because he believed.

Keep it.

You are our lasting memory of Flanny. Number 46 will continue to take the mound for the Baltimore Orioles.


The Baltimore Orioles’ Faithful.


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