VT Basketball Star Delaney Tells Fans to Kill Themselves via Twitter

The development of the social media site Twitter has caused professional sports leagues to place strict policies in place as to what athletes can say to, in some cases, their hundreds of thousands of followers.

In the college ranks, there isn’t much you can do to prevent an athlete from tweeting what’s on his mind.

That is what Virginia Tech senior basketball star Malcolm Delaney did last Friday – tweeted exactly what he thought.

Delaney did not offer the slightest apology a tweet deemed offensive by fans.

Delaney, frustrated with overzealous fans, tweeted that Facebook and Twitter stalkers “need to kill [themselves].” 

The tweet was soon met with criticism by a few of Delaney’s near-five-thousand followers.

“As a #VT grad I’m disgusted. Please take your ‘talents’ offline,” replied one follower.

“lol … ummm.. okkkk.. ask me if i care,” Delaney shot right back.

“Clearly u didnt even [read] the message. and like i said, if you dnt comprehend the language u wont understand what i said,” Delaney told me via tweet.

“‘kill yourself’ does not mean i want a person to actually go commit suicide for everyone who was offended by that term. lol. thas crazy,” said Delaney in a separate tweet. 

Delaney was a freshman during the VT massacre that claimed the lives of 32 faculty and students, including the suicide of the gunman Seung-Hui Cho.

VT’s campus was locked down on August 4th, eight days before Delaney’s tweet, when a possible armed gunman was seen near the dining hall.


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