Floyd Okie Dokes Ravens, Returns to Chargers

With the cutting of Derrick Mason to save some salary under the new CBA, Baltimore, not yet ready to give rookie Torrey Smith the 2nd slot, needed a new receiver.

Floyd would have been a nice deep threat for Flacco.

They were all ready to ink best available receiver Malcom Floyd on Friday. Reports from both Baltimore and around the league said it was only a matter of time before Floyd was in purple.

As per the theme of the offseason, nothing went as predicted.

At around 3 PM on Friday afternoon, news leaked that Floyd had signed a two-year deal with his former team, the San Diego Chargers. Although it has not been confirmed, the deal is reportedly for $3 million.

With Floyd being added to a growing list of Baltimore offseason near misses (they’re starting to look like the Orioles, eh?), the Ravens now have to turn their focuses on bringing back Derrick Mason.

If Mason doesn’t work out, the other options are decent, but not spectacular.

The best left is Steve Smith, the Giant, a Pro Bowler who was derailed by injuries last season. If the Ravens were to sign Smith, he would be questionable for the preseason.

If the Ravens get neither Mason nor Smith, they’ll have to either beg Randy Moss out of retirement, cover their eyes and negotiate with Terrell Owens, or just stick with Torrey.

Here’s to Derrick Mason’s decision making.


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